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Although I’ve lived in New York City for the last few years, I was actually born and raised in the Boston area. Boston is a much smaller city located about four hours north of New York by train (...)
Article mis en ligne le 6 février 2014
Pour fêter la journée franco allemande du 22 Janvier, voici un jeu de memory. Ce memory a été testé en visio communication l’année dernière dans le cadre de la célébration du cinquantenaire du traité (...)
Article mis en ligne le 14 janvier 2014
Fraternities and sororities constitute a university experience that is singularly American. I am often asked about my involvement in Greek life by my European counterparts, so here is the (...)
Article mis en ligne le 9 janvier 2014
The new year has arrived and everybody seems set on making it the best one yet. However, for some strange reason, Iʼve always found it kind of odd that January 1st is always seen as the one day (...)
Article mis en ligne le 7 janvier 2014
When you think of Canadian food, what do you think of ??? In Canada, we eat many different kinds of food from all over the world, like hamburgers, pasta, sushi, and more. That’s because many (...)
Article mis en ligne le 30 octobre 2013